Watercolour of Iconic


Kasimabas ( Abu Kasim Abas or A.Kasim Abas )

Paintings of Malaysia

If you are in the city of Kuala Lumpur, its hard to miss A.Kasim Abas' artworks. His iconic paintings hangs in national galleries,  reproductions on billboards, popular publication and luxury hotels around the city. 

With more then half decade experiences as a master painter, he is synonymous with watercolour painting of Iconic Malaysia and its unique heritage - exhibiting on an international stage and well known among collectors of Malaysian Art

We, "Artnow Gallery" are the sole exclusive representative of A.Kasim Abas. We deal original piece and manage intellectual properties of his creations.  Thank you for your visit. For any inquires, please contact us - and be sure to take your time to explore the collections. Cheers!

*If you own an Original Kasim Abas and looking to resell. Please contact Mr. Zahin at +60195513631 (whatsapp) for consultation.