With more then half a decade being a painter, A. Kasim Abas is a self taught artist from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Specialising in Watercolor & illustrations depiction of  traditional sceneries, He's exhibitions includes an exhibition in Washington DC in 1985 under the patronage of the 8th DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong of malaysia and exhibition in New York city under the patronage of former Malaysian Prime Ministers, Tun Mahathir organised by Mrs Nicoline Lopez. With multiple publications commission including the likes of HSBC Bank ,Tourism Ministry and Malaysian Royalties. Pieces in the Art collections the likes of Bank Negara, Sime Darby, HSBC Bank, RHB Bank ; and pieces in multiple luxury hotels & residences in Malaysia, including J.W Marriott, Hilton, The Ascott to name the few.  


"His works capture the playful charming scenes of Malaysia, executed masterfully"

Innocent yet masterful, calm yet energetic, intricate yet  effortless compose. A.Kasim Abas's works are multifaceted in technical approach and its visual impact - Calm in its compositions with layers of meticulous attention to details and masterful delivery of skills;  expressed by a master Artist. Through his veritable array of genuine composition, it captures the essence of his inspirations - intricate details of daily life and its emotions delivered in a refreshing contemporary approach.

*A.Kasim Abas in his youth exhibiting with Khalil Ibrahim, Yap Hong Ngee,  Mohamed Zain Idris & other artist

*opening ceremony of Riverside Majestic, Kuching 1994 with then Prime Minister of Malaysia.  

Early life & Career

A. Kasim Abas or Abu Kasim bin Abas was board in 1948 in a small fishing vilage near Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Born to a mixed parentage of a Malaysian mother and Javanese Father. he has a deep fascination of fishing boats as he was often followed fishing boats out to sea and worked as an extra hand to make earning to help his siblings. He owned a casting net since at age 11 and in his spare time, he loves to cast his fishing ne to catch fishes for family meals.

A.Kasim Abas, did well in his english  secondary Schol Entrance Examination and went to a Goverment English School in Port Dickson. He sat and passed his MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) &
SC (Senior Cambridge) at the school. After leaving  his secondary School years, He tapped rubber trees to earn money extra to help sustain himself in the Teachcr's College Seremban. 

After graduation, he was sent to a remore part of Malaysia and really enjoyed his tenurship. He continued sketching and painting in his free time while he was there. Afterwards, he went to further his education to be a specialist to teach art. While in college , he participated in The Asian College Exhibition in Singapore. With the positive review he received from the exhibition, he decided to continue persuit painting professionally. He continued to teach and paint until 1992, where he retired from teaching and became a full time artist. 

A.Kasim Abas rarely participate in large exhibition due the limitation of his works. The intricate details in his works limits the number of works he could produces hence he often works exclusively on based on commission.